Summer Challenge!!

I love challenges. I took part in Spring Challenge so I decided to make Summer challenge. Maybe you want to join it?

Everybody can join!!

Firstly task:
1. Sunflowers.
2. Sunset.
3. Island.
4. Travel.

I want to add the nail arts every 4 fdays.
We will start 8th July.

Here is a full schedule:
1. Sunflowers - 8th July 2012
2. Sunset - 12th July 2012
3. Island - 16th July 2012 
4. Travel - 20th July 2012

You must share this information and writte me in comment to 8th July because I will make a list who takes part. 

What you think?

If you have some questiones please let me know!!

First post.

Hey, you can know me from blog:
You writre so many times taht you would like to read my post in English so I decided to make this blog and write the notes about popular polishes not random Polish polishes. I will also add some nail arts that I really like to make.

What you think?

If you only want to read my posts please add to the following list of blog and get inspiration, add some polishes to your wishlist. :)

Xoxo ;*